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Peter Lynn Escape V8 5 Blue
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Feel like you can do anything with the new Escape V8. Whether you want to go fast, boost big or practice every trick in the book, the V8 will act like an extension of your body, completing your mov...




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Feel like you can do anything with the new Escape V8. Whether you want to go fast, boost big or practice every trick in the book, the V8 will act like an extension of your body, completing your moves and adapting to your needs. The winning and distinctive features of the Escape have been kept: intuitive and direct handling, super responsive feeling and no compromise on power. With the improvements on the canopy the V8’s performance stands out big!

The V8’s Laser Tech canopy is smoother and prevents creases from interrupting the airflow, which makes the kite more efficient, even in gusty conditions. With a smoother kite, the handling on the Escape V8 upgraded significantly and completes any kiter’s riding style. The Laser Tech, in combination with a higher angled profile, makes for a more stable and explosive kite: whatever you want to do the V8 will keep going strong! Throw the most radical moves, boost insane kiteloops or progress through tricks: the V8 enables any rider to boost their confidence!
What Changed?
1. Tighter Profile
By shortening the trailing edge (combined with the laser cut canopy), the wing profile has been tightened, overall improving the Escape’s flight.
2. Laser Tech
By cutting the canopy using computer controlled lasers, the overall shape of the kite is smoother and more precise, so that the kite becomes more efficient even in the most gusty conditions.
Result: Easier handling, more usable wind range and more pop for jumps
The Escape is a loved kite among many. So, whilst we were improving it, we made sure to keep the characteristics which make it special: being a big air and freestyle oriented kite that is still user-friendly. By shortening the trailing edge, the Escape now flies slightly more back in the window, which generates more power to use for pops, especially for unhooked jumps. By making the Escape V8 faster but still very stable, the low end has improved. This makes the V8 suitable for riders who want a kite that always feels super solid and secure.
Result: More Efficient Handling
When flying the Escape, you’ll immediately notice that it’s even more direct and responsive than before. By having the canopy laser cut using computer-aided machines, the profile is precise and super smooth. Because of the enhanced design of the Escape, the kite performs exceptionally in most wind conditions. In strong winds and gusty conditions, the V8 is super stable. Its big air and boosting capabilities have been further improved, allowing for faster riding, higher jumps and bigger megaloops. With all wind conditions, you can notice that the kite’s steering is more direct and responsive and that it moves quickly through the wind window.

If you look closely at the canopy on the leading edge, you will see multiple triangular shaped panels. These are called TriFlow and create a smooth and clean transition between the panels. By using this technology, the canopy segments attached to the Leading edge are now able to curve both vertically and horizontally, limiting all creases from happening on the canopy closer to the leading edge.
TriFlow creates an extremely smooth surface and clean airflow over the canopy, resulting in more stability and a better overall performance of the kite. TriFlow makes the Escape even more stable so that you can focus on jumping and boosting and riding to the max.

Laser Tech

Because the canopy is being cut using computer controlled lasers, the profile of the Escape V8 has become super smooth, limiting all wrinkles from forming in the canopy. This makes the kite more efficient and improves the Escape's flight characteristics. The V8’s flight behaviour has also become more stable, direct and responsive than before.

The V8’s flight characteristics have become more efficient. Also thanks to the tighter trailing edge the kite has become more stable, direct and responsive, especially in gusty and strong wind conditions. The Escape V8 maintains its shape which significantly improves its boosting and big air capabilities.

4-Strut Design
The eighth generation Escape remains distinctive because of its 4-strut design. By leaving the kite's large middle section free from struts, the Escape is provided with even more grunt and boost that gives you all the power you need to throw even the most radical moves.

Open-C Shape
The open C-kite shape is great to help you generate all the speed you need to jump high, change direction quickly and do tricks in the air. The kite’s wide middle section and deep profile increase the float, keeping you up there during your big air tricks and megaloops, and still provides solid upwind to keep the rider in the competition box or close to the beer cooler.

Short pulley-less bridle
Solid bar feel and direct kite feedback are necessary to ensure maximum control no matter the conditions. Especially if your trick of choice is a megaloop or handle-pass, precise control makes the difference between landing a trick or crashing. All the power generated by the Escape V8 is kept in close control by a short, pulley-less bridle that make the kite responsive and makes it react very precisely to your commands.

Adjustable bar pressure

Most PLKB kites come with adjustable back line settings to adjust the bar feel of the kite. Moving the bridle attachment point back towards the trailing edge will make the steering pressure lighter but will require more movement of the bar. Changing the settings is super easy, just detach the back bridle line and reattach it to your preferred setting to have more or less bar pressure and steering movement. This is a personal decision based on your riding style and experience.

Adjustable pigtail position
By moving the pigtail over the back bridle lines away from the kite, you can compensate for front line stretching. Or, by moving the pigtail over the back bridle lines towards the kite, you can compensate for a not responsive kite. This is why our kites are equipped with 4 pre-set attachment points on the back bridle lines. This will make sure you always have the same feeling even when the kite gets older.

Fit all valve
Our kites are equipped with a ‘fit-all-valve’ for easy inflation. The bayonet fitting fits all pumps and the large valve opening makes inflation a breeze. You won’t have to spend hours and hours looking for a pump with the right connection, and will be out on the water in no time.

Double stitched Leading Edge
Multiple reinforcements improve durability. The leading edge and struts are built with the most durable Dacron. The entire span of the leading edge has been reinforced along the seam with double stitches to protect it from getting damaged when crashing or getting a pounding by waves, making it hands down one of the toughest kites on the market. All the bridle attachment points are reinforced with Dacron patches that are stitched on the inside of the leading edge so, even if all the power is channelled through one bridle point, the kite will not get damaged.

De Peter Lynn Escape V8 5 Blue wordt standaard Kite-Only geleverd, met  handleiding in stevige rugzak, maar  kan ook Ready-to-Fly worden geleverd worden met navigator bar en lijnen, door middel van onderstaande bundel(s)

Fabrikant Peter Lynn
Dek Spinnaker Nylon
Kleuren Blauw
Oppervlakte 5 m²
Barmaat Adviesmaat 43 cm
Type De-power / Landboarding en Kitesurfing
Windbereik 5½ t/m 8½ Bft /  20 – 36 Knopen
Handleiding Ja (Engels, Duits, Frans )
Kite-Only Handleiding in rugzak
Ready-to-Fly Optioneel: Dyneema lijnenset, Navigator control bar, zie onderstaande bundel(s)

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